Rise Series Overview

In a majority of sci-fi movies, novels, and games Humanity has always been the galactic underdog facing aliens with higher intelligence, superpowers, and hivemind structuring. The aliens are always shown to have the upper hand, beating down the Humans of Earth without mercy until we get that one little break that gives us an edge and win. Its the same song and dance so why not flip the whole thing on its head?

In Rise we’re the aliens, we are the infectious disease plaguing a galaxy that’s not ours. Humans can heal from broken bones, enjoy being in harsh ecosystems, and bask in the ultraviolet rays of the sun. To any other species what we can do may come across as terrifying or idiotic, perhaps even deadly, this would give reason as to why Humans are deemed to be so dangerous.

We also beg the question of where did we originally come from?

For now there is but a teaser, to get a taste of the story to come. Like any other series of mine be warned to not get too attached, anyone can die at any moment.

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