Riftline Series Overview

Ancient magic and advanced technology live side by side, yet combining the two is so illegal the only punishment is death. While in the public eye there are two sides to the conflict that threatens to envelope the masses into a war, yet no one sees the third rising up from the depths of depravity. Delve into a world of what Earth would have been if the Dark Ages didn’t happen and fantasy species truly existed.

Follow the winding trail of undercover detective Maas, a man who’s first name has been blacked out and his species skillfully hidden, all for his own safety. After the murder of a young Elven woman that Maas is framed for he’s put on leave, much to his disagreement, but being the workaholic he is he uses the time to clear his name. Even if that name is just a last name. The problem is that he keeps making the wrong moves.

In the world that he lives in, that he tries to protect, there is a common debate that is dividing the people of the world. There is no dividing argument between species, age, or gender. Rather the rift that creates a line down the center of the population is choice between old and new. The traditions of the ancestors are kept alive by the Casters, the people who use magic on a day to day basis while avoiding technology as much as possible. On the other hand is the Futurists, those that wish to shrug off their history by denouncing mafic and embrace all that technology can give them. There is no demographic that can stereotype either side as people of all kinds hold their own opinion.

Yet the people are so consumed by their own side of the global debate that a third opinion starts to rise, clawing up from the slums of the cities in unison. They seem to be without cause other than to prove one thing and one thing only. The combining of technology and magic should not be illegal but embraced, calling themselves Engineers. The leader of them all? A mysterious being known only as the Architect, the radical group itself named The Tesseract.

It’s not long before Maas realizes he’s in a dance, caught in the middle of the three, as a plot far more massive than anyone could conceive is unfolded. Riftline is updated every Friday at 6pm CT and is written on the fly, there are no rough drafts.

The Riftline series, concepts, plot, and characters are property of Isakole.