With how wildly popular The Enmity Hierarchy it only makes sense to turn it into an actual book. Through the wonderful people at BookBaby the first TEH book will be printed. Why does this concern you? The first edition comes with a pretty hefty price tag for 60 hardcover books, plus the ability to Print-on-Demand and an eBook option. Not to mention all the other little things needed like an ISBN. In total the whole project will cost $4000 which is being campaigned for on Patreon, the price strictly bring for the books to be printed and to run the site.

The first 50 Patreon Pledges of $20 or more will get a signed copy of the first TEH printing with a personalized quote from Isakole herself. The top 10 pledges of $100 get a ton of perks, more so than any other pledge. Next is the first Riftline book which will have 100 hardcover signed books if the following calls for it.

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