Destiny Year One Cutscene Rewrites

It’s no secret that the linear story of the original Destiny is lacking, before Crota was even thought about, the audience was left feeling unsatisfied. Most of the backstory and little tidbits are found in the Grimoire Cards but it’s frustrating to discover them out of order with no rhyme or reason to a true timeline. With so much lost potential it left the initial experience empty which is why Isakole has rewritten the most important cutscenes.

There were several instances that just didn’t make sense, most of all the Stranger saying “I don’t even have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain” and then launches into a full dissertation. Then there is the Queen of the Reef who allows a Guardian into her domain for the first time since anyone can remember, yet it’s only her brother who shows any true reaction to such a milestone.

In the Year One Rewrites each re-imagining can be found, some being Class specific while others are Race specific, even the first cutscene is different. See Rewrite Explanations to see from Isakole’s perspective of how it would have changed the game, whether for better or worse is up to you.

As for the Original Lore, they are short stories that delve into some Guardians’ lives, seeing the universe from where they stand. Not everyone came back from the dead unscathed.

Rewrite Explanations – Why some cutscenes were changed.
Resurrection Intros – Three intros, each one class specific.
NPC Scenes – Scenes with the Hive and Stranger.
The Queen – Scenes with the Queen, each one race specific.
Original Lore – Insight into different aspects of Guardian’s lives.

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