About Isakole

Isakole is the Founder and Commander of Ethereal Ravens, a gaming community that prides itself on a sense of a family and all levels of skill.

The Enmity Hierarchy, aka TEH, was Isakole’s first writing in the public eye, written with a no holds barred attitude. Many plot twists have been taken, many characters have died, no one is safe from her whims yet there is always a reason for everything. With an outcry from the fans the first TEH series will be self published once completed as an eBook with a limited print run for select Patreons.

Riftline is an original series that is both Dungeons & Dragons and Cyberpunk inspired. The series is written on the fly, each installment going wherever Isakole’s mind takes her. Choose your side and hope your favorite character doesn’t die too soon for you.

Her goal is to someday work for a video game studio as a writer, create novels for a publisher, or if all else fails self-publish her own original series. Until then it’s here, exclusively, that anyone and everyone can join the immersive adventures and get lost in a world of words.

Other than that she’s twenty seven years old, happily married, and working a full time job while leading Ethereal Ravens. Vau and Squish are her two fat and fluffy cats who have no respect for personal space.

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Criticism in all forms is welcome!