Rise Teaser

//File Location: [N]Theta_Archive/9891.31.70/Lance_Brien/Initiation_Interview/R6.4

Beginning recording of interview six, session four, on Malta 49 of R10,601

Subjects are Lance Brien and the interviewer, referred to as The Handler.

Brien: How many more of these do we have to do?

Handler: The screening process is thorough and therefore it is painstakingly long, we are simply ensuring we are bringing aboard the best candidates.

Brien: What else is there to learn of me though? Everything we do is recorded from birth to death, everyone knows that. All you’d really have to do is watch twenty-two years worth of security footage to know. It’s not like I’m faking what I can do. Just tell me already if I’m in the program or not!

Handler: We understand your frustration but please have some patience. This particular interview is different from the last forty-eight. Instead of facts we want to know your beliefs and opinions.

Brien: Do you actually give a shit?

Handler: Considering it is the subject matter of this session, yes. Let’s begin. What do you know of the Warp’s First Born?

Brien: I know that they’re a few centuries old, seven or so? I can’t be sure but I know they live longer than we do. They can do what I do but on a larger scale with more control, which is exactly why I want in on the program. Only a handful of their successors are still alive, not that anyone can verify anything that has to do with the Warp triplets. They’re killers basically, some people love them and some people hate them. There’s that whole religion based around them too, my mom is a diehard.

Handler: I’m sorry, Warp triplets?

Brien: It’s what we call them. If they are what you make us believe they are then they should have started to breed like the rest of Humanity, but they didn’t have any kids as far as anyone knows. I think it’s because they’re related, like brothers and sisters which is why it’s up to the rest of us to pop out kids like crazy. That’s how I have fourteen brothers and sisters, plus eighty or so cousins.

Handler: Very well. How do you revere them?

Brien: Revere? That’s way too fancy. If they are what they are I don’t want to fuck with them. They’re dangerous, I get that much, but they do what they do to make sure Humanity can survive in this galaxy. The war’s been going on for how many years? Five hundred? All because one Human wanted a seat on the Council. I think the Warp triplets should just wipe them all out and let Humanity take over.

Handler: What would you do if you met one face to face?

Brien: Probably shake their hand, it’s not everyday you get to meet one much less see one. That’s the kind of shit you can retell at parties for years and no one would ever get tired of the story.

Handler: What if I told you I’m one of them?

Brien: I’d say your full of shit.

Handler: There is no gain to me lying to you, if anything I would create distrust which would destroy any future interviews and sessions, undermining the work we’ve done.

Brien: …are you really one of them?

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