Riftline 1.3

//Lux Districts//

More often than not the higher levels of the city were called the Lux Districts although their specific name was The Enterprise Domains due to how many high-powered corporations resided there. The common people had renameed them because of the amount of opulence that showed everywhere they looked. Skyscrapers stretched upwards with flawless reflective glass glinting in the sun, glowing holograms of business names and billboards leaving no room for shadows. It was the closest to what a utopia would look like though it was far from peaceful and harmonious.

One tower was adorned with hologram circles, simulated birds skimming the surface as they flew in and out of existence. It was a satellite office of Evrika, a worldwide pharmaceutical company that had embraced technology and all it had to offer. It’s core values were no secret, praising science and forward thinking while shrugging off the traditions of magic. While of course there were some who argued against the views of Evrika there was no one who hadn’t been touched by the company in one way or another.

At the highest floors were the offices of the executives, carpet a gray plush with the walls being that of frosted glass distorting anyone behind them just enough to be unrecognizable. The whole place had the very cutting edge of technology with desks having more holograms and tablets replacing any need for paper, the company was as eco-friendly as possible. Each open space even had quite a few planters with thriving foliage, overhead lights simulating natural sunlight. Of course, it all screamed money.

The end of the hall lead to the largest of offices, one wall completely floor to ceiling windows that looked over the Lux Districts. The double doors had been locked, the immediate area within furnished with contemporary coaches and glass end tables, the other end boasting a brushed steel desk with a white leather chair behind it. In that seat was a striking Elven woman who looked as refined as her surroundings.

The blonde wavy hair was pinned back in a tight bun with a few straggling locks tucked behind her pointed ears, black rimmed glasses perched on her small nose, slim body the color of sun-kissed cream. The ruby-red dress was low-cut and hung down to her knees, layered over by a black cardigan rolled up to her elbows and sporting simple black flats. The titanium cord adorning her neck with a single diamond hanging from it was the only item that gave away how successfully rich she was.

The sound of her office doors unlocking and sliding apart caused her tropical blue eyes look up, seeing her assistant quite literally flit in on her Pixie wings with two detectives behind her, one being an Elf and the other a Human. The Pixie quickly gave an apologetic smile as she spoke, “I’m sorry Mrs. Malvagio but these two officers need to speak to you, they wouldn’t tell me what it was about. I’m sorry for disturbing you at this hour.”

“It’s quite alright, Bianca, the law comes before my own personal calendar,” the Elf waved her fingers, setting down the tablet she had been fussing over to wave to the two white leather chairs in front of her, “Please officers, take a seat. Bianca, tell the Dev department I’ll be a bit late but I’ll be with them as soon as we’re done here.”

“Of course, ma’am,” Bianca was quick to vacate the room, closing the doors behind her to leave the three in the privacy of the office.

“Mrs. Malvagio,” the Elf started to say as the two took the offered seats.

“Please, there’s no need for such formality, call me Katryn.”

“Katryn, I’m Detective Larson,” he continued on, pulling his badge to flash it to her while nodding his head to the Human, “This is my partner, Detective Porter. I’m afraid we have some tragic news.”

“Okay?” Katryn glanced between the two, having leaned forward to inspect the badge before she sat back, satisfied by the authentication of who they were.

“Ma’am, your daughter was murdered last night,” Larson paused after he stated the single bit. The expression on Katryn’s face went from patience to sorrow, going flush as tears welled up in her eyes. Knowing it was a difficult pill to swallow he pulled the handkerchief from the inside pocket of his suit jacket, sliding it across the desk to her. He was impressed by how well she was keeping herself together, simply dabbing the tears away, “If you like ma’am we can give you a minute.”

“No,” she stated defiantly, voice quivering a bit, “No, the killer is still out there isn’t he? How can I help?”

“We haven’t caught the culprit yet. We need to figure out why your daughter was in the Slums. Was she meeting someone there? Did she have a date? Did you know she was going to be down there last night?”

“My daughter is a good girl, she’s top of her class at Ophelia University. I didn’t know she was going out last night, it’s not like her to do that sort of thing,” Katryn twisted the handkerchief in her fingers, brow furrowed as she tried to make sense of it all, “Usually she’s home studying, I even saw her last night. I came home to find her in pajamas on the couch with our cat, Snoodles, drinking hot broth and watching a movie.”

“And about what time was that, ma’am?”

“Just past midnight. I finished the movie with her and then we went to bed around one in the morning, maybe two? I’m not sure. But I tucked her in like when I used to when she was a little girl because she had a cold coming on. I know I set the alarm, everything was locked, I don’t take risks.”

“Did she know the security code, ma’am? Did she possibly sneak out after you fell asleep?”

“No,” Katryn’s voice wavered, emotions threatening to make her burst into tears, “She’s a good girl. She’s studying to become a pediatrician, she wants to help children more than anything else.”

“We’ll have to see your home, ma’am, the killer may have taken her from there.”

That was when Katyrn froze, eyes glazing over as realization hit her, “By the gods… I didn’t check on her before I left this morning… I was in such a rush…”

Breaking down into sobs Katyrn finally lost control, clutching the handkerchief to her chest as her head bowed. Larson pulled his business card from his wallet, setting it on her desk. The detectives were wordless as they left, knowing they wouldn’t get any more information out of her for a while. As soon as the door closed the sound of loud bangs and shattering glass could be heard, a few of the executives poking their heads out of their offices in surprise. The noise continued as the two waited for the elevator, saving their conversation for when they finally stepped in and the doors closed.

“I think we can rule her out as a possible suspect,” Larson said, “I applaud that woman for not losing it from the get.”

“I would say sibling rivalry with how prominent the daughter was in her endeavors but she was an only child,” Porter finally spoke, “How would a med student from the Lux Districts wind up in the Slums?’

“The better question is why her? I think we need to look into Katryn’s history, someone may be trying to get at her since she’s the CEO of Evrika.”

The detectives had assumed wrong when they heard the ruckus coming from Katryn’s office, she hadn’t been breaking things in mourning. Rather, she was fighting for her life, throwing everything she had in reach at the trespasser. Black smoke emitted from the portal he had risen out of, the figure was upon the Elf before she could scream for help. The black hand with white fingertips wrapped around her throat, holding her down against the desk as he squeezed.

“Good morning, Mother.”

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