Isakole [PSN]

The Tower standing in the Last Free City was eerily quiet despite it only being half a decade after the end of the Collapse, it wasn’t every day that a Guardian was put on trial for committing a crime. Those that had nothing better to do or their curiosity got the better of them crowded the room, the Speaker having been accompanied by the three Vanguard leaders.

The murmurings died when the double doors opened, the culprit handcuffed with leg irons, the bindings lined with suppression. Even her Ghost was being forcibly held in the hands of a gigantic Titan. Her hood was pulled away and then her helmet removed, the Exo raising her head in defiance to the judges.

“Isakole, Exo Hunter with Nightstalker speciality and veteran Ethereal Raven from the Collapse,” the Speaker read off the dogtags they had found on her before his white mask turned up to look at her, “And recently resurrected among the debris of the Reef by your Ghost, Etrius. Do you know why you’re here?”

“Because you touch yourself at night,” she retorted.

“I… what? No,” the Speaker was flustered by the answer, Cayde hiding his chuckling while the room burst into laughter.  Zavala raised a single hand to get the room to quiet again, the Speaker composing himself, “You’re here to be tried for treason, murder, coercion, grand larc-”

“What’s your point?” she interrupted.

“We cannot have you among the ranks,” the Speaker stated, “You’re a danger to other Guardians, you’re a danger to yourself. We cannot accept the risk of you possibly committing these same crimes again.”

“Do you even know what happened out there?” she asked flatly, “Or are you going off of some file that’s been corrupted and was recovered partially by some bookworm Warlock?”

“We’re going off of what we know.”

“Then hear me out,” Isakole said, raising her voice so she could easily be heard by everyone present, “I was assigned to retrieve a top scientist from Mercury, tasked with bringing him, his team, and his family back to Earth safely. They were already under attack by the Fallen when I arrived, an Archon Priest having been drawn to them due to what they were researching. Half of his team was already dead along with his wife and one of his children, the man was broken. Even though I successfully extracted the rest he had no will to go on despite his other four children having survived. When I explained to them what was happening on Earth none of them wanted to return. Instead they opted out.”

“Opted out?”

“They knew the horrors of the Vex, they had seen the wrath of the Fallen, they had no wish to endure any more treachery,” she answered before continuing on, “I sat with them in the cargo hold as they said their final prayers to the Traveler. I sat there with his youngest in my arms as he clutched to his other three children. He couldn’t bare to watch his infant daughter suffer so I held her. I sat there as the air lock unsealed, as the air was ripped out of their bodies, as they died in the vacuum of space. I sat there as a tiny Awoken baby had her soul torn away and I could do nothing. It has been the only moment in my life that I wished I was organic so I could weep from the tragedy. I had failed as a mother, I had failed as a Guardian, I had failed as an Ethereal Raven, I had failed as an Exo built to protect the very people who lay dead before me.”

There was no longer a dry eye in the room, Cayde having set a hand on Ikora’s shoulder who had started to tear up, Zavala having dipped his head to hide his own face from the crowd.

“I submitted my report to the Tower in NeoGermany before I flew towards the edge of our galaxy, to give them a final resting place far from the war we were in,” Isakole started to wrap up the story, reciting from clear memory, “Unfortunately I didn’t make it far, the Cabal attacked the ship and shredded it to pieces where I can only suppose I originally died. Judge me not by what you have read but what I tell you now. I do not fight for the Traveler or the Vanguard, I do not fight for glory or fame. I stand here now to fight to free the children of the nightmares that plague their future.”

There was no words from the Speaker, nor anyone else for that matter as he raised a single hand to give a wave of his fingers. One of the Titans stepped forward to undo her bindings while the other released her Ghost. Gravitron Forfeit helmet snapped up she quickly slipped it on, hood pulled over before her iconic Mida Multi-Tool was handed over. With a simple bow of her head she headed out, already looking for the bounty bot.

“I have one last question,” the Speaker spoke up before her Ghost followed suit, “How did you find all the pieces of her in the Reef?”

“I didn’t, she was whole when I found her,” Etrius answered, “It was the Prince who gifted her to me by order of the Queen.”

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