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The Hive had made their way to Earth, tomb ships anchored just a few thousand feet above the islands of Seychelles. It was a rather remote location and the only reason the Hive was interested in such small little tropical dots in the ocean was because of one thing. The Traveler was quite literally falling to pieces and a shard had landed on the main island. In a clamor for the light that was stored inside the Hive had sent a legion of wizards and enough thrall to overtake a cosmopolitan city.

In return the newly made Vanguard sent a handful of Warlocks to retrieve the shard along with a Titan to escort them. They hadn’t known there were so many Hive and they certainly were not prepared for battle their way in much less out.  The fireteam of six hovered a few miles out on their Sparrows, able to see the mass of fleet ships from there.

“We don’t have enough firepower for this,” the female Warlock stated flatly, “If we go in there, we’re not coming out.”

“We can’t just leave the piece there,” the male Warlock retorted, “They want it for something and it’s probably not beneficial for us.”

They both looked to the Titan who outranked them both, though in such dire straits rank had very little meaning anymore. With a hiss from his helmet he undid the lock, pulling the piece of armor off to set in his lap. The Awoken still stared out to the islands, unhindered by the impossible task before them, digging into the undersuit to pull his dogtags out. The next piece that came away was his Titan mark from his belt, holding one item out to each Warlock.

“You both have one job,” he said as the Warlocks took the personal items, stating his final words to them before his helmet was sealed back on, “Get those to my brother.”

The Sparrow screamed to life as he went racing towards the Hive frenzy, purposefully riding low to the ocean surface to cause an arcing tail of water to grab attention. Bearing down on the island all eyes had turned to him, the single person who dared defy the swarming mass. The shard of the Traveler was covered in Thrall as they feasted on the Light, Wizards already preparing a ritual of the Darkness to consume it entirely, and even more stood between the Titan and his objective.

Upon breach of the shore he jumped off the Sparrow, letting it mow down a portion of the Thrall.
In a blaze of fire and glory the Titan was set aflame, a warhammer materializing in his hand. Swarms upon swarms of Hive descended upon him, burning to ashes as he swung at each of them yet they were far too numerous. Like an encroaching shadow they piled upon the Titan, the flame seemingly snuffed from existence. Claws and teeth tore at his armor, plating scratched while the undersuit was shredded. Blood started to seep from him as if he was a sponge being squeezed, yet that is when the adrenaline finally took hold.

A swing of his hammer cleared most that had tried to hold him down, a throw of the fire drenched weapon creating a path to the shard. A powerful burst forward of his jump pack had him quickly closing the distance to his goal, hammer returning to his hand. The final throw cleared a portion of the base and the hammer disappearing, the shard itself over twenty stories high and half a mile wide. The side he was facing was internal, pieces of the infrastructure still clinging to the outer shell which he started to climb, scrambling to get as high up as he could. The scaffolding was quickly invaded by Thrall, each one trying to attack only to be kicked or punched away, bodies falling to the ground and taking a few more with them.

When he reached the top he grasped the edge of the shard, fingers digging into the white metal material yet before he could do anything he was doomed. The Wizards had concentrated their focus on him, blasts of arc energy fired all at once at the Titan in a cacophony of screams and crackling electricity. There was no cry of pain, there was no effort to shield himself since it would be to no avail, rather the Titan took the entire brunt of the brutal attack. He was dead before his grip on the piece of the Traveler was released, body dropping away to crash through the infrastructure which was broken to bits. Landing among the beams he was covered in debris, the Hive no longer concerned with him thus they left the body to rot where it was which turned to be their mistake.

In the darkness of his resting place a blue light shined over the battered body, glowing eye blinking at the fallen Titan. A Ghost had hidden in the shell piece, trapped by the Thralls and Wizards thus the Awoken man was it’s saving grace. There was no need to recreate the body therefore it didn’t take long to bring him back from the dead, the man at first confused by what had just transpired. One moment he felt the life slip from him, in the next he was staring into a blue eye.

“I can revive you until the the end of time,” the Ghost said to him, “There’s no need to fear death anymore.”

“I never did to begin with.”

The Hive had resumed their feast on the Light from the shard, a sizable portion of the population having clamored over the white piece in order to get their fill. What they didn’t expect was to be consumed themselves. An explosion rattled the shard, splitting it in half of which fell away to crush those clinging to it and the ones below it. The Titan had detonated a grenade precisely where he was, the blast having created a horizontal fissure. Appearing out of the fire he held his hammer once again yet there was nothing that stopped him now. Again the Wizards targeted him, the Thralls crashed over him like torential sheets of rain, but there was no wavering in his form and not a single inch was given as he stood on the frontline of the battle as the last man standing.

Again and again he died only to be resurrected by his newly acquired Ghost, hammer and flame beating back the Hive while the shard continued to burn away. The howling of the Thrall and shrieks of the Wizards pierced the air, those that remained retreating to their tomb ships which quickly slipped away in a flash of green light and black dust. All the while the piece of the Traveler and dead Hive withered away as ash scattered to the winds that whirled about the Titan.

“Thank you,” the Ghost said, having remained hidden for the duration of the battle, “I was afraid they were going to eat me.”

“Just part of the job,” the Titan answered.

“So what do I call you, Guardian?”

“ChunkyBabyGravy, or Chunky for short.”

“You’re joking right?”

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