Why the differences with the Queen?

And why is it based on the race I picked?

The Queen has isolated herself and the Awoken that follow her to the Reef. Granted there is probably some travel to areas where Guardians roam but there is no suggestion as to how many seek audience with the Queen. Considering we’re first met by two starfighters we can only assume the place is tightly secured and that she has strong opinions behind the curtain of mangled chaotic debris.

The Collapse happened so long ago there has probably been quite a few Queens that have come and gone and it would be no surprise if the Reef was run by a Matriarchal standard. Since no one has gone after the Black Garden before us she probably hasn’t met a Guardian in person before either or so it can be assumed. I would think that a few decades, if not centuries, of isolation would garner some reaction other than “Oh hi! What’s up?”.

Humans, by no stretch of the imagination, would probably be looked down upon as inferior. It would have been so long since the evolution of the Awoken that small little fact might have lost it’s luster. The Queen’s brother is already rude as can be, there’s no reason to not to throw racism into it. Sure it’s been a few centuries but the battle of skin color might have turned to a battle of DNA.

An Awoken Guardian might have been seen as a traitor considering your not serving the Queen. With how loyal, though explosive, her brother is he’d probably have a word or two about it. Why shouldn’t he have a strong opinion about one of his own kind living and fighting among Humans, who he believes are inferior? Let’s toss some spite in for a little flavor in the scene. I have to sit through the cutscene to learn some things anyways, let’s make it interesting!

The most infuriating part for me is that an Exo doesn’t get any sort of reaction, not even an eyebrow lift. Surely they’re not common in the Reef or allowed at all to live there like Humans or so I assume. Shouldn’t the Queen find an Exo interesting? Has she even seen one before? Of course her brother equates Exos to Humans, both inferior to the Awoken. Why not have ‘war machine’ be an insult? It would imply than an Exo is nothing more than a Human shaped Vex. Stings doesn’t it?

In any case, the Queen’s scenes could have a lot more zest if there was a dash of realism thrown into the mix. If I was the Queen, which would be awesome, I’d certainly have a different reaction to different races when they came knocking for the first time in decades.

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