Why not more detail?

If you’ve played Destiny you already know what the characters and scenery looks like, you already know how terribly dull the cutscenes are. So why bore you with things you have prior knowledge of? The rewrites are short so the main focus is purely the dialogue changes and the ensuing consequences to such.

And if you haven’t played it, shame on you. Go atleast rent it for a night or two.

More action wasn’t added to the scenes either because we’re already playing a first person shooter, to add more violence into the scenes would jeopardize what they are used for, which is as a relay for information. Even the most hardcore gamers need a minute or two to set down the controller and take a swig of now room temperature Mountain Dew. It’s probably flat too but we are rather busy trying to save Earth. Again.

Now if you want full details and content that reads like a novel go check out the Original Lore category. It’s there that you’ll find stories of other Guardians that help delve a little deeper into this realm of survival at any cost.

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