Why not expand more?

The more we see in the expansions the more the story becomes complicated, that is if you’re keeping up with the Grimoire cards. Since I obviously can’t see the whole story yet, though I can make all the guesses I like, I wanted to touch on other aspects that remain unseen.

For example, “A Bittersweet Reminder” provides insight on how the civilians of the Last Free City look up to us Guardians. It’s obvious that the children can see the walls that fence them in from the world that is rightfully theirs, why not have the Guardians’ triumphs be bedtime stories to keep their fears at bay? We’re not some secret, we have a giant Tower after all. But that’s not the whole purpose of this piece. Not once did we question where our family went, what happened to them after we died the first time. Did I have children? Was I married? Did my family carry on or get wiped out in the Collapse? We may be resurrected, but we’re not complete zombies.

A more lighthearted bit is “Brownie Points” and although short and to the point it does raise the question of class culture. We obviously see the Hunters’ hangout in the bay of ship down in the Vanguard hangar that has it’s own ‘tribal’ flair so to speak, why not emphasize it? Hazing has always been in humanoid behavior, there’s no doubt it would still be going on. In the end it boils down to a look into everyday Guardian life. Plus, as cheap as it may sound, amnesia is an adequate explanation of how we can so easily adapt to this new world after the Golden Age.

One thing that does bug me about Destiny is that we’re forced to have a male Ghost. What if I want a chick voice? Plus, there was so much opportunity wasted for comedic one liners that would break up the constant barrage of gunfire and explosions. Even one line every half hour would be amusing thus the quick list of Ghost quotes.

Crucible is a more popular aspect of Destiny, especially when Iron Banner rolls in. But how would Guardians see it from inside that realm? The short called “Brutal” addresses this. There would no doubt be a code of conduct and honor to be enforced, and I would not at all be surprised if some watched on their downtime while planetside. Bungie watches, why can’t Guardians watch? It’s a nice explanation of why that gameplay exists within the universe of Destiny, along with clans, Lord Saladin, the whole gambit.

I’ll admit that “Eternally Lost” does feel a bit rushed but most of us have run through Vault of Glass numerous times so it’s no secret that’s where the fateful three were. I wanted to question what it was like for the original fireteam to find it, what it was like to see Atheon in the metallic flesh for the first time. It also answers the question of how the knowledge of how to navigate through it was relayed back to the Tower, right before Evline’s Ghost is crushed. A bit darker undertone is the desperation of unspoken bonds between Guardians, if my two brothers in arms went down fighting and were lost to the corners of Darkness I undoubtedly would follow the same path. Not even an Exo can delete the surreal feeling of survivor’s guilt.

The last narrative, “The Reason” is actually based off of a song called Miracles by Two Steps From Hell. They have been the most inspirational for all of my writing and more than once I have caught myself staring into oblivion, letting whole scenes play out in my mind’s eye. For whatever reason if I sit back and listen to this song I can imagine everything that happens in “The Reason”, a normal day turned into a sporadic celebration that only lasts a few moments but has a major impact on everyone, even bystanders. Originally I wanted the Warlock to carry the child on his shoulders while they spiraled around the Traveler, brushing their fingers along the white but the altitude at which it sits is too high for that. And then I wanted a whole class involved, for the children to intermingle with the ones that protect them day in and day out. All too often we get caught up in the violence of war, the triumphs of victory, and the losses of brothers and sisters in arms to the Darkness. Not once are we ever reminded that we’re fighting for our future, for the children that are ours by responsibility and decree. A soldier cannot fight for millions for it’s too much stress, rather they can fight for the few they love most and endure the trials of hell with ease.

Finally, “The Epoch Protocol” is more of in-realm document that every Guardian would come to know that outlines everything they could possibly question. We’ve been dead for decades and laws would have undoubtedly changed for these trying times. Could we not marry? Have our own home? Could I adopt an orphan or two and provide a better life for them as they provide for me a reason to fight through the Darkness? It deals with all the little loose ends that can raise questions, mostly questions I would ask because I love thorough lore.

The original lore I’ve written doesn’t expand on the main story for there are things that I’m not privy to, I can merely read the Grimoire cards like everyone else but I can speculate. A number of hours have already been spent in PSN parties, going over the cards bit by bit to figure out just where we are heading, and I can’t say just how long I’ve spent sitting next to NPCs in the social areas to hear every voiced word. I wanted to touch on the pieces, the things I would love to know as an immersive gamer. Perhaps it’s just me, perhaps not, but I’m satisfied with what I’ve written.

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