The Queen: Awoken

The Guardian, an Awoken, is escorted by two royal guards to the throne chamber, the platform itself suspended by massive cords over a darkened chasm. The Queen’s Brother stands upon the dias, arms folded and sneering in disgust. The Guardian stands just past the end of the bridge, royal guards at either side, Ghost floating off the shoulder.

Brother: I never thought I’d see the day when the tide washes up a traitor from Earth. Come to swear allegiance to my sister?

Guardian: I only need to ask a question of the Queen.

Brother: We try to keep Earth loving¬†imposters out of her presence, it’s disgraceful. You’ll have to deal with me instead.

Guardian: I’m a Guardian from Earth, I need to find the Black Garden.

Brother: Is that all? You’re so boring.

Two armed Vandals climb out from behind the Throne, at the ready to attack as they stop on either side.

Ghost: Fallen!

The Guardian grabs a handgun from the royal guard’s holster, whipping back to try and aim. The Brother rushes forward, placing a knife at the Guardian’s neck, the Queen gracefully stepping forth from behind the throne to sit upon it.

Queen: This one does not understand that these ones are mine.

The handgun is taken back by the royal guard, the Guardian returning to a normal stand. The Brother sheaths his knife, returning to his place on the dias.

Queen: Why does this one want to throw their life away in the Black Garden?

Guardian: Do you know where it is?

Brother: Everyone knows where it is, answer her question.

Guardian: We need to strike the Darkness at it’s heart if we have any hope of continuing to survive.

Brother: And why would we help a rebel Awoken? Why should we care if Earth falls and you all die?

Guardian: Because you’ll be next. We evolved from Humans, just like the Exos did. You’re involved whether you like it or not.

The Brother looks to the Queen, who pauses in consideration.

Queen: This one has a point.

The Brother rushes to the Queen, kneeling in front of her.

Brother: [angrily] You can’t be serious, why should we even care? We owe Earth nothing!

The Queen pulls her Brother closer, whispering quietly to him before she lets go. The Brother devilishly grins before turning to address the Guardian.

Brother: We’ll make you a deal, Guardian. If you can bring back the eye of a Gate Lord we’ll tell you where the Black Garden is.

Ghost: A Gate Lord?

Brother: Go to Venus, you’ll find one after a few waves of hundreds of Vex. Just follow the source of the swarms from portals.

Ghost: That’s real descriptive.

Brother: You can’t miss it.

Guardian: [bows head] Thank you.

-After Mission Completion-

The Guardian and Ghost are escorted to the throne room where the Brother and Queen are waiting.

Brother: Came back empty handed I see. How badly did you shame our kind? Did you run away? Or could you just not find it?

Ghost: Oh, we found it alright.

The head of a Gate Lord is materialized, letting it land harshly at the foot of the dias. The Queen releases a quiet chuckle while the Brother steps forward and pulls a knife. Stabbing the side of the Vex head he gives a couple gouging slashes before he stands, eye of the Gate Lord in hand. The red light glows for a few seconds before distinguishing.

Brother: That’s a shame. It looks like your little mission is over.

Queen: This one has shown courage and tenacity. It’s invigorating. Are all Guardians like you?

Guardian: Yes, your Highness.

The Brother looks back to the Queen, who gives him a nod.

Brother: [with a sigh, tossing the eye to the Guardian] Mars, that’s where the Black Garden is. Recharge the eye, it’s the key.

Guardian: [catches the eye] I appreciate the help.

The Guardian leaves, leaving the Queen and Brother alone.

Brother: Good luck! …getting through the Exclusion Zone…

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