The Epoch Protocol

A: Combat Etiquette
I. Engaging the Enemy
II. Camaraderie
III. Dispute Settlement
IV. Crucible Behavior
V. Faction Discretion
B: Tower Rules
I. Weaponry
II. Armor
III. Harassment
IV. Pranks
C: Personal Lives
I. Dating
II. Marriage
III. Children
IV. Property
V. Ownership
D: Expectations
I. Speaker’s
II. Traveler’s
III. Humanity’s
IV. Ghost’s

A: Combat Etiquette

I. Engaging the Enemy – It is expected of all Guardians to abide by a simple code of honor when in battle with the enemy. This is left to translation from one Guardian to next, for example a Titan might not fire until s/he is seen while a Hunter will gladly take the opportunity to surprise. The general rule understood is that a Guardian shall not put others at risk when supremely outnumbered and/or outskilled to avoid unnecessary revivals or losses in Darkness zones.

II. Camaraderie – A Guardian may work with any they so wish as long as the partnership is mutual. One cannot be forced to work with another for any reason. Of course, a Guardian may also work solo and not be questioned, even by authority figures.

III. Dispute Settlement – If a Guardian has an issue with another it may be settled in one of two ways. The first is a one on one Crucible match with agreement on weaponry or fisticuffs, first to ten kills wins. The second is a Vanguard strike side by side, the highest kill count is the winner. Clan against clan is normal rivalry and does not condone a match of any sort.

IV. Crucible Behavior – All results for Crucible, including Iron Banner, are final and non-negotiable. While rivalry and competitive attitudes are encouraged they may not bleed into everyday lives. Guardian on Guardian violence starts and stops in the Crucible arenas. No exceptions.

V. Faction Discretion – A Guardian may choose any faction they wish to enroll with, whether it is one or more. No faction authority figure may pressure, blackmail, coerce, or otherwise persuade a Guardian to serve only their faction. No Guardian may harass or pressure another to serve a specific faction. All Guardians have the right to serve none.

B: Tower Rules

I. Weaponry – All weapons shall remain holstered and/or slung while on Tower premises unless otherwise permitted by a weaponsmith or within a personal dorm. A weapon may only be discharged at the firing range located in the armory. The only exception is when the City and/or the Tower is under attack, otherwise expenditure of ammo is forbidden.

II. Armor – A Guardian must wear armor at all times when outside of the Last Free City. They may also wear as little armor as they wish when at the Tower. It is a Guardian’s personal responsibility to ensure that their armor is clean, efficient, and properly functioning before and after each usage.

III. Harassment – For no reason should a Guardian be harassed for their race, gender, faction, faction ranking, class, armor rig, weapon loadout, shader, banner, Sparrow, ship, Ghost, career choice, or personal choice. No exceptions.

IV. Pranks – Shenanigans are not frowned upon and humor is greatly encouraged to improve morale but they may not cause one or more of the following: Interrupting Tower operations, jeopardizing battlefield objectives, interfere and/or cease a necessary task or procedure, cause psychological harm, cause mental harm, cause physical harm, cause environmental damage, cause structural damage, or be mean-spirited.

C: Personal Lives

I. Dating – A Guardian is at liberty to date any Guardian or adult civilian, no matter their gender, race, age, faction, duty, or class. Relationships do not have to be disclosed for any reason.

II. Marriage – A Guardian may marry anyone they so wish after three months of courtship. The delay is to prevent any ‘Vegas’ style decisions. A divorce can be declared by one side for one or more legitimate reasons and will be finalized after a week. The delay is to prevent decisions done outside of sound mind and body.

III. Children – A Guardian may procreate or adopt as many children as they so wish, whether they have a partner or not. In the event a single parent Guardian does not return the children become wards of the Tower and will be provided for until they are eighteen. In the event of a divorce a Guardian is automatically given fifty percent of custody to all children effected unless otherwise declared or agreed upon.

IV. Property – All Guardian related materials, armor, weapons, and currency belong to the sole owner. Under no circumstance is another entitled to the property of a Guardian, this includes divorce. Upon permanent death a Guardian’s items will be salvaged by the staff of the Tower. Only Motes of Light, Strange Coins, and class items may be given as gifts and passed through inheritance.

V. Ownership – A Guardian may own a dwelling and/or a plot of land outside of the Tower but inside the walls of the City. When a divorce is finalized the dwelling/land is given to the spouse and/or children. Upon permanent death the ownership will transfer to the spouse and/or children. If neither instance applies the ownership will be dissolved for the dwelling/land to be auctioned off and all proceeds will be divided among the school districts and orphanages.

D: Expectations

I. Speaker’s – Defeat The Darkness

II. Traveler’s – Protect The People

III. Humanity’s – Seek Our Survival

IV. Ghost’s – Fight For Our Future

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