Resurrection Intro: Titan

Archer’s Line – The Moon

The searching Ghost is accompanied by a Hunter and Warlock, picking through the abandoned buildings of the old space center. Quite a bit of caution is taken to avoid attracting the attention of the Fallen who have claimed residence since the Humans retreated. Presently the Ghost is silently scanning a darkened control room, light only filtering in through the dusty windows. The two Guardians stay on point, clearing the place before taking up a post at the closed door.

Warlock: [exhausted sigh] We’ve been at this for days. There’s only so many skeletons I can stomach before the Void looks delightful enough to throw myself into.

Hunter: Oh, shut it. If I knew my Ghost had been encouraged to give up on finding me I’d be… Well…

Warlock: You’d still be dead.

Hunter: And I’d be very upset about it in the afterlife.

Warlock: What afterlife?

Hunter: What is it with you Warlocks and questioning everything?

Warlock: It’s kind what we do. Like you Hunters and stabbing everything.

Ghost: [excitedly] Found you!

The Titan is propped up against the back wall, a trigger in hand with explosives strapped to the chestplate. The two Guardians stand on either side of the Ghost, looking down at the body.

Hunter: Looks like a dud, s/he’s pretty lucky it never went off. I don’t think a Ghost can put a splattered body back together.

Warlock: [looking at the Ghost] Are you sure you want this one? S/he seems to favor the mentality of ‘I’m going down and I’m taking you with me’.

Ghost: [directly into camera] S/he’s perfect.

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