NPC: Woken the Hive

The dead Titan is half buried in the sand of the moon, looking like it had been there for quite some time. Just a few yards away is the chained doors of a Hive entrance. The Guardian kneels next to the body, Ghost starting to scan it.

Guardian: Didn’t anyone send a search party for him?

Ghost: We’re stretched thin as it is. If a Guardian doesn’t come back after awhile we just assume they’re dead or still fighting.

Guardian: [sarcastically] That’s real encouraging.

Ghost: I can’t figure out how long he’s been here, the Moon doesn’t exactly have an atmosphere so there’s no real decay of anything, not even organic bodies.

Guardian: Shouldn’t his Ghost have revived him?

Ghost: I can’t find his.

The Guardian stands up, starting to visually scan around. Just behind him/her is the Stranger is at the cliff’s edge in the distance, unmoving. The Guardian starts to bring up his/her hand to wave but is interrupted.

Ghost: Maybe the Hive took it?

The Guardian looks back to the Ghost who is floating just before the door, with just quick glance back to where the Stranger was who is clearly gone. The Ghost starts to scan the entrance causing the glyph locks to release, the chains across the door dematerializing.

Ghost: We’ve woken the Hive!

Guardian: [starts stepping backwards] You really need to stop touching things.

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