NPC: The Speaker Explains

The Guardian ascends the stairs to where the Speaker is often found in the Tower among the dead Ghosts and books with papers strewn about. The Speaker steps away from his work, hands clasped behind his back.

Ghost: Here s/he is, Speaker, the Guardian that we found dead in a Hail Mary attempt.

Speaker: Wonderful, I’m sure you have many questions as to what has transpired since your first death.

Guardian: My what?

Speaker: By all accounts you were dead, a casualty in the Collapse like so many others. Now your Ghost can revive you countless times, unless you are within a Darkness zone where you can be lost to the corners of time. No one can save you then not even the Traveler.

Ghost: We may be rather powerful with Light but we’re not miracle workers.

Guardian: How long was I dead for?

Speaker: A little over a century and perhaps even a few.

There is an intentional pause to allow the information to sink in. The Guardian moves to the railing, hands wrapping around the top while his/her head is hung, hiding the facial expression.

Speaker: I realize this is hard to hear but it is the truth. Humanity has struggled to keep alive in this era of plight, fighting a war on four fronts while dealing with internal threats is overwhelming yet we have survived. So far, atleast. It is Guardians like you, brought back to life by the grace of the Traveler, that we can find trustworthy to secure our future.

Guardian: [grips the rail tighter, head still bowed] It’s just us Guardians that are being resurrected? My family, my friends, everyone I knew, they’re dead forever?

Speaker: I’m afraid the resources we have are scarce enough. You were chosen by your Ghost because you are able to do what most warriors cannot; to keep fighting even when you are being consumed by the Darkness and there is no escape other than death.

Ghost: I know your instincts and skills can help bring the Traveler back and fight the ones who tried to wipe us all out.

The Guardian releases the railing, turning to face the Speaker and Ghost, looking forlorn.

Guardian: What will you have me do?

Speaker: Go into the Darkness and strike at the hearts of those that wish us extinct.

Guardian: It would be my honor.

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