NPC: The Ishtar Library

After the five waves of Vex the Guardian and Ghost are left standing among the carnage, opposite to where they entered from a gaping hole in the corner. After just walking past the angelic humanoid statue the Stranger materializes silently.

Stranger: Impressive.

The Guardian and Ghost whip around, simultaneously backing up and expecting another fight.

Stranger: [raises hands briefly] Calm down, I’m the one that called you here.

Guardian: [relaxing] And you’re the one I saw on the Moon. Why are you following me?

Stranger: I have to make sure you’re not wasting anytime by chasing false leads.

Ghost: [starts to orbit around the Stranger] You’re not a Guardian, why are you helping us?

Stranger: [gently pushes the Ghost away] I live in this galaxy just as you do, I would like to see it kept intact.

Guardian: You seem to be surviving just fine on your own.

Stranger: And I grow tired of fighting. I will tell you of what I know in hopes it will help.

Ghost: Why not take this to the Tower? To tell the Speaker?

Stranger: I don’t want them sending just any Guardian, Little Light, it has to be someone who can handle it. It has to be you. I would do it myself but I was not reborn in Light like you, I would not survive the depths of Darkness to strike at it’s heart. There is no Ghost to revive me.

Guardian: What are you getting at?

Stranger: No one has explained to you why the Traveler was ripped apart have they?

Ghost: Not even the Speaker completely understands.

Stranger: I do. The Traveler came to Earth seeking humanity because they are adaptable and individually unique, found worthy of it’s gifts and guidance. The Fallen were once united but deteriorated into separate Houses when they started to accuse each other of being the reason why the Traveler didn’t choose them. The Hive feast on the death of Light, as you saw in their catacombs, destroying the shard of the Traveler. If they can gain access to the Traveler they can extinguish the Light, casting the entire galaxy into Darkness and become supreme beings.

Guardian: What about the Vex?

Stranger: They were the Traveler’s first choice before Humanity was found. After a few thousand years the Vex became more machine than organic, nearly reaching immortality and enlightenment. But the Traveler abandoned them regretting what the Vex had been turned into; emotionless killing machines that have forgotten their culture and who only seek power now. They followed the Traveler here in hopes of enslaving what is left after the Collapse to complete their ascension.

Guardian: So, let me get this straight. The Fallen are just jealous, the Hive are only power hungry, and the Vex were like us but grew obsessed?

Stranger: Exactly.

Ghost: And the Cabal?

Stranger: The Cabal are the simplest of the four, Little Light. They have no sense of right or wrong, they just want war. They find that Guardians are their only true match on the battlefield which is why they stay here instead of moving on.

Guardian: The who?

The Stranger flicks her attention to her comm, speaking to the person on the other end.

Stranger: Engage stealth and ready lift off, I’ll be there in two minutes.

Ghost: [floats closer, blinking] Who are you speaking to?

Stranger: [pulls fusion rifle to ready stance] Go see the Queen of the Reef, she can tell you where the Black Garden is.

Guardian: Why can’t you?

The Stranger turns away, walking off the platform into the air, disappearing in a cascading shimmer.

Stranger: I do not know where to find it and the Queen is too close to absolute Darkness for me.

The Stranger is gone within seconds, not even leaving footprints behind.

Guardian: [turns to the Ghost] I didn’t know we had a Queen.

Ghost: We don’t, the Awoken do. The Reef is the last place the Light touches.

Guardian: Sounds charming, let’s go.

Ghost: Can’t we just stay here with the killer robots?

Guardian: No, you can’t, Little Light.

Ghost: Don’t call me that.

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