NPC: The Black Garden

Stepping forth through the threshold the Guardian and Ghost find Vex frozen in a kneeling position that resembles a form of worship. At the center of the focus is an ever-moving black mass called the Divisive Mind.

Guardian: Every time someone said the ‘heart of Darkness’ I never thought it was a literal heart.

Ghost: I’m just as surprised as you are.

Guardian: There’s no time to call for back up is there?

Ghost: Considering we’re in an unknown part of space and time, no. I can’t even find a relay to send a signal by.

The Vex below start to shift, turning at the waist to stare up at the Guardian with their eyes starting to glow red.

Guardian: And we just lost the element of surprise.

Ghost: Are you sure about this?

Guardian: I didn’t die for nothing, let’s do this.

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