NPC: Stranger Danger

The Guardian and Ghost step over the dead Titan, about to enter the Hive’s lair again. Static comes over the intercom, undecipherable at first. The Ghost expands outwards, trying to catch the signal and clean it up, of which the Stranger’s voice starts to come through.

Ghost: I can’t find the exact source.

Stranger: [intermittent static] …for the Traveler. Find the piece… Destroy the Hive’s point of… Do not let the Wizards take your Ghost. If you live… Come to me at… Ishtar Collective…

The signal dies, the Ghost returning back to it’s normal shape.

Ghost: Half of that I didn’t understand but the Ishtar Collective is on Venus and no one’s been there since the Vex invaded. Only the Fallen dare fight with them and they have hard enough time as it is.

Guardian: One thing at a time, okay? I caught ‘Traveler’, ‘piece’, and ‘destroy’. The Hive might doing something down there and I’m not leaving until we know.

Ghost: Did you catch the part about not letting the Wizards take me, too?

Guardian: That is pretty much a given

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