NPC: Just the Beginning

On the main platform of the Tower the Speaker is addressing a crowd of Guardians, banners whipping in the breeze and flower petals wafting about. The general atmosphere feels like an impromptu ceremony.

Speaker: It is on this day that we mark history with a turning point for Humanity. A crippling blow has been dealt to the Darkness but this is only the beginning. From this day forward our enemies know that we are no longer on the brink of extinction, rather we are as formidable as ever.

Down below in the Vanguard hangar, the Guardian walks towards the Stranger who is overlooking the Last Free City. Just as the Guardian reaches her she turns, the fusion rifle in hand.

Stranger: Thank you for coming down.

Guardian: Ceremonies were never my thing.

Stranger: The Speaker is right, this is only the beginning. The fight will won’t end until the Traveler is whole again and the Darkness is struck down to nothingness. It will only get harder from here, I have no doubt that you will be able to handle the challenges to come.

Guardian: Do you know what’s out there waiting for me?

Stranger: More of what you’ve already seen and worse. The Vex may have taken a harsh blow but they’re still functional and they will be until every single one of them is killed. The Hive are on the cusp of absolute frenzy, the Fallen are fighting more than ever, and the Cabal are enjoying themselves far too much.

Guardian: I don’t believe any of us care what they’re doing, we’ll fight them all until this galaxy is ours again.

Stranger: And that’s all I want to hear. This should help.

The Stranger presents the fusion rifle, of which the Guardian delicately takes, looking it over.

Stranger: We’ll be watching.

Before another word can be said the Stranger begins to walk right off the edge of the hangar, melting away in a shimmer.

Ghost: Why did she say ‘we’?

Guardian: Does it matter? We have planets to reclaim.

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