Ghost’s One Liners

“Mental note: Never tick you off.”

“Did we forget to get you breakfast again? Is that why you’re grumpy?”

“Oh, do that again, I wasn’t watching!”

“Didn’t we push your bed against the wall to avoid waking up on the wrong side? It doesn’t seem to be working.”

“Whoa, no need for such violence! Heh, I’m kidding, carry on.”

“That’s a war face if I’ve ever seen one.”

“I’m glad I don’t wear pants because they’d be brown right about now.”

“This is gonna make such a great story to tell during dinner. Wait, do you eat? Like fish flakes or something?”

“We’re surrounded, perfect. Now you can’t miss.”

“You scare me sometimes.”

“What do you call a fallen Fallen? Just irony.”

“What do you call a room full of Thralls? Melee practice.”

“Remind me to wash your undersuit when we get home.”

“Don’t be mad but I think I forgot to pack the ammo synthesis.”

“Why are you running? You have a Sparrow.”

“Are you on your period? You’ve been rageful more than normal lately.”

“Wipe your boots, you just stepped in blood.”

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