Resurrection Intro: Warlock

The Ishtar Collective Library – Venus

The Ghost is flanked by a Titan and a Hunter, emerging from the sinkhole at one end of the library. The place had been scouted at first, not wanting to call all the Vex and Fallen on Venus to their location. With the first floor cleared they move up to the second, the Ghost taking it’s time scanning. Perched on the railing the Hunter sits on the rail, Titan leaning against the pillar, both looking rather bored.

Hunter: The only kind of Guardian we’re going to find in here is a Warlock and that’s the last thing we need. Another Void hugging nerd.

Titan: Didn’t you Hunters get your Blink knowledge from them?

Hunter: No one asked you.

Titan: I’m the only other living thing in here.

Hunter: Maybe I was talking to the hanging moss. It gets really lonely when you’re patrolling by yourself in the Darkness zones.

Titan: I didn’t believe it until you said that.

Hunter: Believe what?

Titan: That a cold Hunter has a heart.

Hunter: Yeah, it’s the heart of a Fallen Servitor, want to see it? It’s still glowing.

Titan: It’s creepy that you kept it.

Ghost: [excitedly] Found you!

The Warlock is face down, a single hand raised up to clutch a book on the lowest shelf. Laser burn marks and moldy ripped out pages litter the area around the Guardian. The Hunter and Titan stand on either side of the Ghost.

Titan: Wow, you called this one. I guess I owe you three exotic engrams.

Hunter: [looking to the Ghost] And you want this one? S/he turned his/her back on the enemy to try to save one single book.

Ghost: [directly into camera] S/he’s perfect.

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