Updated 3/3/17

As of now the series of The Enmity Hierarchy has been removed from the site, this is due to my want to focus on it as an eBook rather than an online series. It’s already been serialized once, there’s no reason to regurgitate it. I realize that no one has read the ending but I assure you the wait will be worth it. The series will be cleaned up, resulting in a cleaner read and richer settings. Thank you all for your continued support! It’s definitely appreciated.

In other news Riftline will be continuing on with its weekly update. There will also be a new series launched as well that will get weekly updates. I know I said that two months ago but life kinda kicked me in the butt. Now I have a set work schedule so I have no excuses now!

Today, on 3/3, I’ve started a little teaser of my new series Rise. I have no idea why both my series start with the letter R, it just felt right and you’ll see why the word rise fits this new series so well. An overview page will be out by 3/6.

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